Sunday, December 16, 2012

How to hack Facebook account pictures

A simple explanation of the Facebook photo URLs

Let's get an example Facebook URL and see what information can be found: =

Example URL:

This is the photo's album id: 449111435102735

Here are different pictures that every user has stored, simply changing the letter at the end of the URL will change it's size.

Normal Picture:
Small Picture:
Square Picture:

I found this on Pastebin a long time, so for the older Facebook photo ids:

      ^                    ^                       ^                  ^             ^
      |                      |                        |                   |               |
     No            image id                pid               id            No
    idea                                                                           idea
Example URLs:
    image id: 1531425252044
    redirects to the photo page
    pid: 31473272
    id of the picture page, needs user id too to work
    id: 1427142689
    user id


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