Friday, July 22, 2011

Ubuntu - Trash Can

Open Terminal and follow the commands:

go to apps > nautilus > desktop
check trash_icon_name

It should appear on your desktop :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

How to hack WebAssign for eBooks

If you use WebAssign, sometimes they give you the button to the "Read It" which shows the section of the book. However, you might be able to read the any part of the book..

If the URL looks like:

Change the URL, "serpse8.32.02"
The "32" is the "chapter" and then the "02" is the "section number".

Monday, July 4, 2011

How to get Free Mobile 3G/4G Tethering

Using Operating System(No Software, No Root)

Ubuntu (Tested on Droid X)
Disclaimer - must have Bluetooth on your computer
1. Turn Bluetooth on both devices
2. On Ubuntu, select use device as "network device (NAP/PAN)"
3. Click on the "wifi/internet" icon and now your using your 3G/4G.

Using Windows 7(Tested on Droid X)
Disclaimer - must have Bluetooth on your computer
1. Go to start, search "Bluetooth", click on "Change Bluetooth Settings".
2. Turn on Bluetooth on the computer and allow other devices to connect to it in "Options".
3. Use your phone to Scan Bluetooth Devices and attempt to pair with the computer.
4. Accept both connections on the computer and the phone.
5. Go to Control Panel, Hardware and Sound and then Device and Printers.
There you should see your phone, right click and click on Connect Using Access Point.

PDA Net(No Root)


1. Go the main page, download the app to your phone.
2. Install the application to your computer.
3. Turn the app on your phone and connect to the net.

Easy Tether Lite(No Root)

- -

Wireless Tether(Requires Root- Tested on Froyo)


Saturday, July 2, 2011

How to change your Hostname in Linux

When first starting on the linux operating system such as Ubuntu, you may be prompted to create a hostname(computer name). Here is how you can change your hostname:

When opening up a terminal, you will see (your username)@(hostname). This is also the name that shows up in DHCP when connected to a network.

Run these commands to change the host name:

sudo sysctl kernel.hostname (new hostname)
or hostname (new hostname)

 For Android (You can ssh into your phone using an app or simply run root adb):
getprop net.hostname (shows you your current name)

 setprop net.hostname (new name)