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Course Notes consists of college notes from all major universities! They are from websites and teachers to be used at your discretion for educational purposes. This application was created for the purpose of helping college students by giving them more resources to study from. The design is simplistic and easy to use, this way students with poor professors, people who either take bad notes or can't take any at all can easily have access to a nice collection of notes in order to help prolong their success in college. Eventually everyone needs a helping hand or a good reference to help study and get through a difficult course. If you have any notes to share, send them in!

For CS Majors(Foundation Exam):
- Link online (
- See Arup (have him list everything you need to study)
- See Arup about the test, write down what problems you got wrong
- Go to SARC for CS and DS
- Practice coding on the computer (make sure it compiles)
- Practice paper and pencil for all math

Course List

AMH2010 - U.S. History: 1492-1877
AMH2020 - U.S. History: 1877-Present
ANT2000 - General Anthropology
ANT2511 - Human Species
ARH2051 - History of Western Art 2
BSC2010 - Biology 1
BSC2011 - Biology 2
BUL3130 - Legal and Ethical Envt of Business
CDA3103 - Computer Organization
CGS2545 - Database Concepts
CGS3175 - Internet Applications
CHM2045 - Chemistry 1
CIS3360 - Security in Computing
CNT3004 - Computer Network Concept
COP3223 - Intro. to C Programming
COP3330 - Object-Oriented Programming
COP3402 - System Software
COP3502 - Computer Science 1
COP3503 - Computer Science 2
COP4020 - Programming Languages 1
COP4600 - Intro. to Operating Systems
COT3100 - Intro. to Discrete Structures
EEE3342 - Digital Systems
EEL3004 - Electrical Networks
EEL3801 - Computer Organization
ENC1101 - Composition 1
ENC1102 - Composition 2
ENG1006 - Intro. to Engineering 1
ENG1007 - Intro. to Engineering 2
GEB3031 - Conerstone: Professional Skill
HSC3147 - Intro. to Pharmacology
HSC4555 - Pathophysiology 1
INR2002 - International Relations Theory
MAR3023 - Marketing
MCB4603 - Environmental Microbiology
PCB3703 - Human Physiology
PCB4805 - Endocrinology
PHY2048 - Physics for Scientists and Engineers 1
PHY2049 - Physics for Scientists and Engineers 2
PSC1121 - Physical Science for Education Maj.
REL2300 - World Religions
STA1060 - Basic Statistics
STA4930 - Life Contingencies
THE2000 - Theatre Survey
ZOO3733 - Human Anatomy
ZOO3744 - Neurobiology
ZOO4603 - Embryology



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