Saturday, December 8, 2012

How to hack Facebook accounts using the Facebook Query Language

How to use the FQL(Facebook Query Language)

Get the page you want to lookup:

Obtain the id:

Go to Facebook Developer Tools:

Go to FQL:

Click on "Get Access Token" and obtain all the permissions you want to use. After you have an active access token, you can now play with FQL. The queries you make are very similar to MySQL and SQL.

Here are some examples to have fun:
Basic information about yourself:
SELECT uid, username, name, sex, pic FROM user WHERE uid = me()

Shows BurrowsApp's stream:
SELECT updated_time, type, timeline_visibility, targeting, target_id, tagged_ids, source_id, privacy.value, privacy.description, post_id, permalink, message, likes, is_hidden, description, created_time, comments FROM stream WHERE source_id = 140257159405760

Shows the user's information from profile:
SELECT about_me, activities, affiliations, allowed_restrictions, birthday, birthday_date, books, can_message, can_post, contact_email, currency,,, devices, education, email, email_hashes, first_name, friend_count, friend_request_count, hometown_location, inspirational_people, install_type, interests, is_app_user, is_blocked, is_minor, languages, last_name, likes_count, locale, meeting_for, meeting_sex, middle_name, movies, music, mutual_friend_count, name, name_format, notes_count, online_presence, payment_pricepoints, pic, pic_big, pic_big_with_logo, pic_cover, pic_small, pic_small_with_logo, pic_square, pic_square_with_logo, pic_with_logo, political, profile_blurb, profile_update_time, profile_url, proxied_email, quotes, relationship_status, religion, search_tokens, security_settings, sex, significant_other_id, sort_first_name, sort_last_name, sports, status.message, status.time, subscriber_count, third_party_id, timezone, tv, uid, username, verified, video_upload_limits, wall_count, website, work FROM user WHERE uid = USERIDHERE


  1. 1st time I heard about FQL and its quite interesting......Googling about it and find so many possitive replies about this language.coz I am newbie in FQL so can't able to hack facebook pasword ,but keep trying for that......thanks for valueable sharing!!!!!!!!!

  2. FQL is server side language or client side???? Have heard about FQL but not getting proper answer.Can you tell me about it?

  3. Hey its very good article......But I have a question,Is FQL depend on Webhosting service provider too?

  4. Hey Phillip !!!Good question u have asked I am googling for this question....but not get a proper answer yet whether Webhosting service sites affected by FQL or not?

  5. I don't know much about FQL but I read news today that Facebook had approched so many time for 1st safe ur account guys......

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  6. I am unable to get proper information about Facebook Query language.Can any one help me out to to find a better articles or page for FQL.

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  7. Quite helpful,But I have to search a lot about these FQL and there pros and cons.

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  8. No FQL for API v2.1


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