Sunday, July 28, 2013

Math App - Easy to use Android Application for everyday High school and College students!

Finally! Math App is out of Beta and ready for use!
- New Action Bar Icons and Colors!
- New Icon for the App itself!
- Tons of common equations for everyday High school and College students(Chemistry, Physics, etc..)!

Please check it out and give feedback!

Welcome to Math App Beta by Andre Compagno and Jared Burrows
Send all suggestions to
Special thanks to Andre Compagno
This application makes it easier than ever to solve and search for equations. All the math is done for you, all you have to do is select the equation and input the values! Constants are built in for all equations!
Math App features:
How to use Math App:
1. Click on the equations
2. Fill in the values you are given
3. Click the caclulate icon
Naviation Bar:
✔ Search Equations
✔ Log in through Facebook - Share with your Friends - Coming soon!
✔ Send Feedback to the Developers!
✔ Share
✔ Help - Click to view the tutorial
✔ About
Features and Solvers:
✔ List of Common Equations
✔ Vector Dot Product
✔ Vector Cross Product
✔ Angle Between 2 Vectors
✔ Magnitude of a Vector
✔ Matrix Multiplication
✔ Matrix Determinant
✔ System of Equations
✔ Teaches you how to properly use the app!
Equation Descriptions:
✔ Coming Soon!
✔ Add equations to your favorites list in order to easily access them
Permissions requested:
✔ Internet
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Friday, July 19, 2013

How to compile HelloWorld in Intel x86-32 on Mac OSX/FreeBSD

How to compile HelloWorld in Intel x86-32 on Mac OSX/FreeBSD

Compile in your Terminal:
nasm -o hello.tmp -f macho hello.s && ld -arch i386 -macosx_version_min 10.6 -no_pie -e _main -o hello.o hello.tmp && ./hello.o

The Code:
section .data                   ; constants stored here

    msg db "Hello World!", 0xa  ; our string to be printed
    len equ $ - msg             ; get the length of our string

section .text                   ; labels stored here

global _main                    ; specify our main function - (ld -e main)

_syscall:                       ; label - system call - call kernel - how we print to the screen
    int 0x80

_main:                          ; label - technically int main()
    push    dword len           ; message length
    push    dword msg           ; message to write
    push    dword 1             ; file descriptor - 1 - stdout
    mov     eax, 0x4            ; system call number - 4 - system write
    call    _syscall            ; go to label(function call) - _syscall

    ;  add     esp,12          ;clean stack (3 arguments * 4)

    push    dword 0             ; exit code - return 0
    mov     eax, 0x1            ; system call number (sys_exit)
    call    _syscall            ; go to label(function call) - _syscall

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