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Saturday, July 19, 2014

How to use the same C++ code for Android and iOS?

Best tutorial on using C++ code with iOS and Android

Please read this wonderful StackOverflow post:

Friday, February 8, 2013

How to put Applications on Jailbroken iPhone

How to put Applications on Jailbroken iPhone

  • Jailbroken iPhone(with OpenSSH from Cydia)
  • USB cable
  • MacbookPro(for Xcode) 
  • uikittools
Tested with:

Step 1 - make sure Xcode is closed - stop automatic signing

First off you need to edit a configuration file within Xcode:


Make a backup just in case you mess up:

sudo cp /Applications/ /Applications/

Edit the file like:

sudo nano /Applications/

To save:
Control + X  then Y



Step 2 - create the TCP connection between your Macbook and your iPhone

Go to

Download the latest, here:

Use a GUI tool or simply extract in Terminal:
tar -xjf usbmuxd-1.0.8.tar.bz2

cd to the "python-client" folder

Open Terminal and run to test the connection, Control + C to quit:
python -t 22:2222

Now you can run these commands in the future:
ssh root@localhost -p 2222 - access the phone
scp -P 2222 root@localhost - send files to the phone

Step 3 - time to open Xcode

Click on your Project > Build Settings > Go to Code Signing > Code Signing Identity > Make sure it says "Don't sign code"

Make sure you set your target to "iOS Device"

Go to Product > Build for > Archiving

Step 4 - time to push your application to your jailbroken iPhone!

Example project name: NavBar

After building your application, its time to push it your phone, you need to find the path to your application in order to send it to your phone:

Open terminal again:

scp -r -P 2222 "/Users/noname/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/NavBar-gekkahxyyaepvgdkfkduwhlmqvqg/Build/Products/Release-iphoneos/" root@localhost:/Applications/

When prompted for the password, make sure your type "alpine"

User: root (already specified)
Password: alpine

After that is quickly transferred, Control + C to quit and then update your iPhone with:

ssh -p 2222 mobile@localhost uicache

User: mobile (already specified)
Password: alpine

To remove everything:

ssh -p 2222 root@localhost rm -rf /Applications/ && ssh -p 2222 mobile@localhost uicache

By now you should see the application pop up on your home screen!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cell Phones - Service Menus and Special Numbers

How to get to your phone's service menu

Everyone knows about the 'secret' menus in your phone and I just wanted to make my own list.

Dial and call these numbers to access the hidden menus and if any menu asks for a password, its usually very simple:
  • SPC password - 000000
  • IMEI number - *#06#
  • Programming menu - ##7764726
  • Phone information - *#*#4636#*#*

  • Phone activcation - *228
  • Update coverage area - *22899

Monday, July 4, 2011

How to get Free Mobile 3G/4G Tethering

Using Operating System(No Software, No Root)

Ubuntu (Tested on Droid X)
Disclaimer - must have Bluetooth on your computer
1. Turn Bluetooth on both devices
2. On Ubuntu, select use device as "network device (NAP/PAN)"
3. Click on the "wifi/internet" icon and now your using your 3G/4G.

Using Windows 7(Tested on Droid X)
Disclaimer - must have Bluetooth on your computer
1. Go to start, search "Bluetooth", click on "Change Bluetooth Settings".
2. Turn on Bluetooth on the computer and allow other devices to connect to it in "Options".
3. Use your phone to Scan Bluetooth Devices and attempt to pair with the computer.
4. Accept both connections on the computer and the phone.
5. Go to Control Panel, Hardware and Sound and then Device and Printers.
There you should see your phone, right click and click on Connect Using Access Point.

PDA Net(No Root)


1. Go the main page, download the app to your phone.
2. Install the application to your computer.
3. Turn the app on your phone and connect to the net.

Easy Tether Lite(No Root)

- -

Wireless Tether(Requires Root- Tested on Froyo)