Monday, November 21, 2011

How to hack MasteringEngineering with unlimited Attempts

Extra Tries and Answers
Ok, we all have been screwed over mastering engineering because of drawing vectors or simply being a decimal point off. Every time you enter an answer and accidentally get it wrong it says how many attempts you have left and takes points away each time. Im sick and tired of this crap.
Go to the Main Page:

Click on your assignment, the box with all the questions will pop up.

Put your cursor on each link and read the link, their are unique IDs 
for every problem.


To "rework" and have unlimited tries until how to really work the 
problem, copy and paste the URL in the address bar and change the 
URL from:

to the new URL:

The "1565968" problem ID is not unique and can be shared with others
doing the same problems.


  1. why couldn't I find this when I was actually using M.E.

  2. By chance can the instructor see if u've tried it as a practice problem?

  3. Truthfully, I am not sure. Once I found this I just stuck with it till I got the answer.

  4. only problem is it says rework not allowed, it worked a few weeks ago so im guessing the tutor can see :(

  5. I am not sure a teacher/tutor can turn off access to reworking the problem or not. I haven't had to use MasteringEngineering in a while, so maybe they updated their website.

  6. doesn't work xs i get error page xs

  7. @Anonymous
    I made this post along time ago. I am not sure if it still works.

  8. anybody here have an extra access code, i need it badly :( please email it to: to spare me one, thanks!


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