Monday, July 23, 2012

How to erase CD-RW/DVD-RW in Linux

How to wipe a CD-RW/DVD-RW on linux

Run this command to make sure that the cd is unmounted:
umount /dev/cdrom

Use the "cdrecord" command to quickly erase the CD-RW/DVD-RW
cdrecord dev=/dev/cdrom blank=fast


  1. And what about Re-Burn a CD-R/DVD-R/DVD-R DL/DVD+R/DVD+R DL (none RW) to just WIPE data (destroy data on it)?

    How can be done in Linux?

  2. In response to Jared Burrows (please have in mind my intention is only to clarify terms used):

    Erase is not the same as Wipe.

    Erase is not the same as Blank.

    Blank a disc is to let it accept new data on it.

    Erase a disc is to make it not anymore readable.

    Wipe a disc is to let it be readable but info readed has no meaning (all zeros, etc) no usefull data.

    Please do not mix terms...

    ERASE is to destroy a disc so it will not work again.
    WIPE is to put data that is irrelevant (random, zeroes,e tc)
    BLANK is to let it accept new data.

    For example: If you want to have a CD-RW in a condition where you can burn a new ISO on it... that is called BLANK the disc.... it can not be called ERASE, nor WIPE.

    ERASE concept is: Do to it something so it can not be used anymore in any manner
    WIPE concept ir: Put on it some data that has no meaning (so it will not be writable, talking about optical RW media)
    BLANK concept is: Write the header of the RW optical media to indicate it can be written again with new data, ISO image ISO, etc.

    Please do not mix terms... or all people will get confused!

    I know how to do:
    -Blank a RW media (you post it)
    -Write a RW media (cdrecord)
    -Wipe a RW media (if not blank, blank it, then write random data, zeroues, etc)

    Now, in response to Anonymous: I do not know how to ERASE RW media (nor CD-R, etc) using only software, sorry.

    Note1: If any one knows howto tell the burner to ignore if disc is allready burn, i apreciate it too much for CD-R and DVD-R... (none RW)
    Note2: For RW i doubt that method will work since i imagine it will be able to be blanked after that.

    For anonymous: My best wish is you to use a flame, but be carefull not only for fire, also for toxic gases evolved, etc..

    For anonymous: Alternatively you can use a knife over the side where you write, until it be more or less transparent, there is where data is... fon single layer ones... for dual layer ones you must separate both layer (insert the knife onto the edge and pull) and do the process on both.

    Hope this helps!!


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