Saturday, June 4, 2011

How to Hack WebAssign's Watch It

If you use WebAssign, sometimes they give you the button to the "Watch It" which are very helpful. However, you might be able to find the watch it to more than just the problems they give you..

If the URL looks like:


Change the URL "SerPSE8_21_033.html"
The "21" is the "chapter" and then the "33" is the "problem number".


  1. Webassign will not allow you to change the url. anyoone know a way to change it?

  2. @Anonymous
    A URL is a URL, what do you mean it doesn't allow you to change it? I believe you mean the address bar is disabled? You can still copy and paste the text into a new tab or window.

  3. will this let you see the problem answer?

  4. Ahh good old webassign. I was fortunate enough to attend college just when this was coming online and the technology was new. We quickly found we could simply edit the URL to get to the answers. Then we would simply fill in the exam/quiz which the correct answers and presto 100% on it! I'm sure those days are long gone. Not sure I would have passed some of my classes if I didn't find this hack. The good ol days :)


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